Best Microphones for Game Streaming

When you are an avid gamer who loves to do game streaming, good audio quality of the recorded game streaming is an absolute requirement. Besides, who would want to watch it if the audio quality is poor and cracking?

Here are some of the best microphones that you can use for good quality game streaming:

  1. Blue Yeti

This microphone is a perfect combination of performance and price. The Yeti microphone from Blue offers great quality and performance in capturing clear audio quality that is perfect for game streaming and podcasting.

  1. Blue Snowball

This little microphone offers omnidirectional capture patterns and is perfect for capturing your voice. It goes with four colors and can be mounted on a mic stand.

  1. Audio Technica AT2020

This gadget is not as easy as the other Blue mics when it comes to installation because this one is more of a pro setup. If you’re looking for something that is more advanced, this gadget is the one for you. This is not really the best for streaming but if you are into podcasting, this one is a good one for you. This may also require other extra gears for this to be installed but if you’re up to pro, you should be ready to shed a few more bucks for this one.