Runestone update

Apparently good web sites are updated with “content” occasionally. Below is what my rune stone looked like before I started carving this season.

It might seem like I did very little progress last summer, but that’s because I noticed the outer layer was withered. Once I started getting down a bit into the rock, especially on the very top, I was unable to make any shapes before the outer layer just scaled off. So, I started over from the first rune and carved down to the full intended depth instead of, as planned, just blocking it out and deepening it later. I also “dot” or prick the runes, turning I into E, B into P and so on, as well as put the spaces in between words in (I’ve chosen the double dot space).

This means each rune takes 30-120 minutes depending on complexity and the local hardness of the granite, but it also means the rune stone is finished from the head-neck joint to the rune I’m working on. Since the photo was taken I’ve gotten a bit further, and I calculate the necessary stone carving is about 3/5 finished. I may add some additional detail after that, and then I plan on painting the creature, but leaving the background bare.

Maybe it will be finished next autumn?

The rune stone 2015-03-11

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