Beer collection

This is my (former) beer bottle collection. As I’m planning on moving, it’s time I get rid of it. It’s been suggested it’s gone too far, and I’m inclined to agree. Including a few duplicates, excluding the ones had on tap in pubs and bars etc, I’ve (apparently) drunk well over 300 different beers. The collection, including duplicates (some of them saved because the design of the can/bottle changed, some of them saved because I’d forgotten I had them), consisted of 318 bottles, nearly all of them complete with the bottle cap.

Before throwing them out, I photographed each bottle/can/cap individually, giving a pretty good look at beer packaging design in 2010 +/- a couple of years, and in some cases the progression over several years. While I had saved duplicates for this reason, it was surprisingly interesting to see the progression of design of some breweries, while others have of course stuck with a simple design that works.

Before separating the bottles from their caps and the cans from the bottles (bottles separated into clear and coloured), I thought I’d line them up and get a group photo of the entire collection, sorted by geographical location and brewery. This was easier said than done. Eventually I gave up and realized I had to separate the containers into two photos, and as rain was expected when setting up the second photo, the Swedish section spills over to the right. Rain did come, and I had to cover the lens to keep rain off it, but the end result is pretty impressive (in spite of everything), in my opinion.

The first photo covers North America to the UK (and Iceland and Spain), the second goes from Norway and the Low Countries (starting with Trappist brews) to Japan and New Zealand. Due to lack of time for the setup, the Swedish brews spill over to the right, going “east” of Japan and New Zealand, and even forcing me to add a fifth level to fit them all. On an additional note, I wish I would have saved the first Guinness I ever had which contained an earlier version of the can draught system, containing a metal tube-like nitrogen canister rather than the currently used plastic ball and being the full 50 cl.

IMG_1783  IMG_1784

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