What else? Double-size.

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  • KreativSnail

    The cuteness slowly creeps up on you.

  • Mathias Chaillot

    Hi, I work for the french magazine NEON (Prismamedia group) and we are interested by your snail project. Could you contact us to speak about it ? It’s pretty urgent…
    Mathias Chaillot

  • Stefan Siverud

    You’ve got mail!

  • clemency perry

    Hi .I like your snail art and I wanna do it 🙂 but i dont know i will be use which paint .i dont want to damage to them.some paint colour has Toxic 🙁 please read my message and give me your advice 🙂 my name is clemency perry 🙂 have a nice day

  • Stefan Siverud

    Hi Clemency! I used Humbrol Enamel paint as that is what I had at home at the time and it worked great. Just make sure you don’t get it on the snail itself or on the inside of the shell, they don’t like that. If you get paint on them, they withdraw into their shell and blow slime bubbles, but when they come out they are clean again. If you put paint on the inside of the shell or too close to the opening, they’ll clean it off overnight and take away a bit more than necessary. You will learn how close is too close in this way.

    I think any hobby paint should work, and acrylic would probably be even less harmful if you should get it on the snail itself. It’s also far easier to clean acrylic off your brush. The downside is that most acrylics are satin or glossy, and the matt ones are sensitive to abrasion. At least that’s my experience with the paints I’ve found in local stores. Still, if I were to paint snails again, I’d probably try to find a matt acrylic that worked.

    Have fun!

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