Vulkansnigeln / Volcano Snail

This was in fact one of the first snails of 2010, but I’ve saved the best for last. The idea came from the major Eyjafjallajökull eruptions that were going on for a good part of the spring 2010.

The shape was changed using Games Workshop Green Stuff modelling clay, and then the volcano was painted black and drybrushed with grey. The glassy effect of the lava was achieved by starting with a red base coat and then applying progressively smaller layers of increasingly yellower shades of orange. I’m very happy with how it turned out.

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  • sofia bouzidi

    Hi- Im a journalist in the UK – i’d really like to do a story on your snails…could you email me on and we could talk about the article…Thank you!!

  • Buğra Yapıcıer

    Hi there,

    Your work is amazing and realy inspiring.

    Could you please inform me that which paint you use on the snails and which material you use on snails to build building and other 3d stuff.

    Thanking in advance

  • Stefan Siverud

    Hi and thanks! Sorry about the late reply.

    I used Humbrol enamel paints (some acrylics too) and a Games Workshop epoxy putty called Green Stuff. What’s nice (and surprised me) is this putty bonds with the shell once kneaded as smooth as possible and pressed on. Just be really careful when pressing, or you’ll break the shell.

  • pia

    Ive painted it aswell…. 3 weeks ago. I never saw your work…. but i had the same idea 😉

  • Mart

    Why you dont paint your own snail ? This are living creatures …

  • Stefan Siverud


  • Stefan Siverud

    Because I haven’t got one…?

  • Stefan Siverud


  • Stefan Siverud

    Got photos?

  • Hi Stefan,
    I really love your project!
    Your snails are on the Fourfancy blog/magazine:
    Hope that you like it and please let me have your feedback, thanks.
    Kind regards,

  • Stefan Siverud

    Thanks! Glad you like it!

    Sorry about the late response. Oh, and please note that the one posted on Fourfancy with a rainbow shell isn’t one of mine. It’s the big kind of snail, the kind I tried to use but I found them much too hard to work with.

  • Ruth Hart

    I love your snails and have inspired me greatly within my project where snails are featured greatly!
    I was wondering what paint you have used on your snails? and what materials do you sculpt onto the snails? I have used particular paints that so far has worked well and the snails are happy and healthy 🙂 But I am wondering because we have to complete our research as apart of our grade etc.
    keep us the lovely work!
    Many thanks,

  • Stefan Siverud

    Hi Ruth!
    Sorry about the late comment acceptance/reply, I’ve been quite busy at work. I really should update this site more often!

    The paints I’ve used are Humbrol Enamels. As for the sculpting, I used Green Stuff, a two-part polymer modelling putty made by Games Workshop. The only reason I picked these materials was that I had them at home, left over from my model building/Warhammer days, and because they worked. I’m sure there are better options, at least for the paints. The Green Stuff putty works great and once attached it stays on. However, it’s quite hard and stiff until you knead it for a rather long time and you have to be really careful not to crush the shell when applying it, pressing it on along the shell, not into the shell.

    I’d love to see your snails, please upload them and link them!

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