Vulkansnigeln / Volcano Snail

This was in fact one of the first snails of 2010, but I’ve saved the best for last. The idea came from the major Eyjafjallajökull eruptions that were going on for a good part of the spring 2010.

The shape was changed using Games Workshop Green Stuff modelling clay, and then the volcano was painted black and drybrushed with grey. The glassy effect of the lava was achieved by starting with a red base coat and then applying progressively smaller layers of increasingly yellower shades of orange. I’m very happy with how it turned out.


This was the last snail finished during 2010 (but not the last I will post). I put the finishing touches on it after taking a break from snails for a few weeks and released it around the 13th October. The unfinished ones were released in my garden, and I think three were found during the summer of 2011.

No comment on the choice of motif, though I should mention getting the arches right was a bitch. I’m very pleased with how smooth the surface turned out (in spite of being painted with a brush) and the way it reflects the light.

Battle Damaged

A lot of snails, especially the large (old) ones, have taken some damage to their shells during their life. They seem to be unable to repair the outside, probably because they can’t reach. I generally reject these snails, as I usually prefer a (relatively) flat surface, but sometimes they are the only ones available of sufficient size. If I do use one with a damaged shell, I try to smooth it out before painting – better for my purposes, and the snail benefits getting that weak spot repaired.

This time I decided to incorporate it into the design. The brass-verdigris colour was mixed for a steampunk snail that wasn’t finished, but looks pretty good on this one.

Slottssnigeln / Castle Snail

This was to some degree “inspired” by the Isle Snail of the previous year. Not much to say about it. Instead of the usual three or four shots, I think it needs a full 360 degree walkaround.

No Shirts, No Shoes

This is the last Fight Club-themed snail– I considered the obvious “I want you to hit me as hard as you can!” but decided that would just be cruel.
It was a rather average-sized snail, so I took a photo with my chewed-up thumb nail for size comparison.

Stjärna / Star

The original idea behind this was making a Kiss (the band) shot featuring four snails painted after the facepaint of the band members. Since I wasn’t sure how to adapt the Gene Simmons’ style to a snail shell and the design of the other two are, to be fair, quite ugly, I was left with the Stanley black-star-on-white.

Getting the white paint I use to cover the snail properly takes three coats, so seeing as I had already strayed quite far from the Kiss idea, I went with the opposite – a white star on a black background. The result was not satisfactory, and the golden edge was added. Good enough.

Incidentally, Stjärna is a popular cow’s name in Sweden.


Mine was a snail.






Also, this.

Svart med guldkryss / Black with Gold Crosses

As I was still low on ideas, I made another pattern snail. It’s pretty damn pretty, but not very funny and I didn’t even bother giving it a name at the time.

I Am Jack’s Snail

You either get the reference or you don’t. I’m not going to explain it.

As you can see, I had finally regained my steady hand; the lines were about 0,7 mm wide and painted twice with a brush, yet the mistakes were nearly undetectable to the naked eye.

Jag ser dig! / I see you!

Being low on ideas again, it was time to make some more random patterns. This one turned out looking like it had eyes everywhere, and although I never properly named it, I still needed a title for this post.

This particular snail is the smallest one painted so far, with a shell measuring only 1,3 cm across. The skin (or whatever the surface of its body is called) is far more transparent in younger snails, as is evident here – so much so that you can see the insides of the lower antennae and the full length of the upper antennas’ inside “cords”, from the base of the shell to the eye dot.