Snail Graffiti

Possibly the most awesome thing I’ve seen in months:

Inner City Snail

From Inner City Snail.

Familjen Gräsand / The Mallard Family

Jag gick till parken idag, eftersom vädret var strålande. Tyvärr är det ett mindre helvete att ta bilder där nu – åt det ena hållet ligger järnvägen, åt det andra ligger Kaba. Det gick ändå att ta några bilder innan batteriet tog slut, och bland annat träffade jag på årets kull av gräsandsungar.

Familjen Gräsand / The Mallard Family

De är så små, söta och inte särskilt smarta. Med andra ord är de ett bra djurmotiv, för de har ännu inte lärt sig att människor kan vara farliga, och tror fortfarande att allt man kastar i vattnet är mat. Med en kamera och lite grus kan man ta bilder som den nedan. Jag var tvungen att lägga upp den direkt! Den är något förminskad och nerklippt.


English translation:
I went to the park today, because the weather was incredible. Sadly, it’s almost impossible to take decent photos there now – in one direction there are the powerlines of the railway, in the other direction they have planted an ugly black monolith, generally referred to as Kaba for obvious reasons. Nevertheless, I could take some photos before the battery in my camera died, and the newly hatched mallards were in the usual place.

They are small, cute, but not very bright. In other words, wonderful animals to take photos of, because they have not yet learned that humans may be dangerous, and they still believe everything thrown into the water is food. With a camera and some gravel, you can take wonderful pics like the one above. I just had to upload it straight away! It’s a bit resized and cropped.

Flower Macro Shots

I just love all the colours in flowers! With a macro mode on the camera, it gets even better. I haven’t updated in a while, but I’ve taken a lot of shots of flowers, houses and who knows what else. Either way, got to show a few of them. All have been cropped and/or scaled, so they are in fact even more detailed. Beerware for non-com, copyright for commercial use, as always.

So, what are they? Well, the first one is obviously a bee in a flower – notice the “bee’s knees” and fuzzy body. It seems a bit grey, perhaps it just woke up after the winter? The second is a sea of violet flowers, taken at the hotel near Kalmar Castle, I have no idea what they are called. The last two are pansies, I’ve learned, taken at my grandparents.

The Bee’s Knees A Violet Sea of Flowers Pansies More Pansies

Impressive Ukulele Artist!

You have got to check this girl out!

Julia Nunes plays ukulele, guitarr and sings, and perhaps more, and she’s good at it! This must be the first time I’ve seen any actual use for YouTube, at least for material produced by the uploader him/herself. She writes her own songs and does covers, some of it can be downloaded as mp3 (although the encoding quality is pretty awful), and she has released her own album too!

I can only hope none of the major record labels don’t grab her, she deserves much more than the edited sellouts they are buying. This is how good artists make money; on the internet with small means!

Her YouTube channel:
Her official site (could use a redesign):

And a taste of a cover she did of The Killers song Mr. Brightside, really well (hope this doesn’t break formatting):



EDIT: Major thanks to Viper’s Video Quicktags, saved me from editing hell putting in this video!