Rogue Pirate Ninjas

Originally intended as part of a logo for an iPhone game development company, Rogue Pirate Ninjas Interactive.

Rogue Pirate Ninjas

The Bouncer – Learning Adobe Illustrator

Not going very well at all, I might add, and with the demo period almost out I still haven’t found anything I can really use it for. At least I finally finished something – not very funny, I know. I think I’m going back to Photoshop, because while I like some functions in Illustrator, the UI is very different and the application is much harder to work with.

(I must admit I cheated and used Photoshop for the composition of reference material and the fixing up and speech bubbles, simply because I found Illustrator to be a pain to work with.)


Message From The Pope

Message From The Pope
In reference to the story about the guy who kidnapped Jesus (well, a eucharist really, the blessed cracker used eaten in mass in memory of the last supper), I made this little thing. Came out just the way I pictured it, aside from the text.

Link to the story:

In other news, the Midsummer Eve post is done, I just want to clean up the text and add some pics before I publish it.


I’ve had this idea since I saw the video with Tom Cruise talking about the wonders of his cult, and as I was bored and had time on my hands, I thought I’d do it. Aside from the head, it turned out pretty good! If you want the video, google for “the video scientology didn’t want you to see”.


Good Funk/Bad Funk

Good Funk/Bad Funk

Home Carbonation Is Killing Bottled Water!

My first entry concerning the illegal filesharing vs. corporate greed debate that has taken on a life of its own since the Swedish police authority finally got done with their investigation of the PRQ servers, including the ones used by The Pirate Bay.

I have been conducting my own investigation of arguments for and against filesharing, and while I did know the music and movie industry was fucked up, I never thought it was as bad as it is. But more on that in later posts.

While looking, I found some interesting anti-piracy campaigns manufactured since the invention of the tape recorder for home use. One that I found really interesting and proven to be wrong even at first glance was the BPI campaign devised in the 80’s, “Home taping is killing music – and it’s illegal”. It is mentioned only once on the official BPI site which is understandable as music is still very much alive; tape recorders aren’t.

The BPI, which is an acronym for British Phonographic Industry, is the British equivalent of the RIAA, and both are part of or working together with IFPI.

If you make a search for “Home taping is killing music” using your standard search engine, you’ll find a couple of earlier spoofs, like “Home sewing is killing fashion”. I had a couple of ideas, but ended up with drink carbonators for home use. So, here they are, in two versions:

(b) May be used freely for personal and non-commercial use. Buy me a beer if we ever meet (Beerware)
(c) If any money, political party or company is involved, permission is needed aside from fair use (and quite easy to get by contacting me)

Home Carbonation Is Killing Bottled Water - Skull and Crossbones Home Carbonation Is Killing Bottled Water - Plain