Duck Hunt Dog

Every spring, the smallest of Koholmarna (cow [grazing] islets) in Kalmar  is besieged by over a hundred birds. They are mainly black-headed gulls, but there are also mallards, sea gulls, great-crested grebes, tufted ducks and the occasional swan. Needless to say, there’s no way anyone goes there if they can avoid it. In the winter, ice sometimes grows thick enough to walk over to this little islet. Wouldn’t it be great to put something there just before the ice gets too thin to cross, or at least just before the birds arrive? It would be nearly impossible to remove it, even if the town council would want to.

After discarding a few moderately amusing ideas, I came up with a great one; the hound from Duck Hunt! Not only is it a funny thing and rather unexpected, but having birds nesting and flying all around it gives it an extra dimension. I’m almost sure the idea was influenced by visits to the (then) rather new site, Spritestitch, and of course the old street art piece where Mario is jumping out of a tube.

The material was a discarded plywood and a few boards that had been sitting for 20 years in the “might-be-useful-one-day”-storage of my workplace, Kalmar County Museum, and left over paint found at home. The green paint was procured from a school supply closet and the orange paint was bought in a test can (40 SEK, about 4 euros).

Winter and spring was spent occasionally working on the project, first measuring the plywood, then drawing the pattern (first a 3×3 cm grid, then marking the colours), sawing the shape and putting the pieces together. After some trouble with the masking tape, I started painting in late June. By the 8th July 2010 it was done, and ready to be placed on the islet.

I weighed the dog, calculated how much air would be required to achieve flotation for it and some tools and taped the appropriate number of empty 2 litre Coca Cola bottles to the back side. The idea was to use it as a raft on the way there, swimming behind it – I don’t remember the plan for getting the tools back to shore again, if there was one. Anyhow, me and brother strapped the roof our mother’s car and off we went.

The planned launch site for H.M.S. Dog turned out to be rather crowded with sun bathers, and the islet itself (point A) was still slightly bird-infested. I decided to switch to a the larger one of Koholmarna, which is bird-free and wading distance from shore. The bottles were taken off, and down to the water we went.

I waded across with the dog, and then again with the tools, and carried it all through the high reed and short pines on the islet. My brother stayed shore-side to photograph and help direct the placement. The position I chose (point B) had a lot of nice, green grass and some short, green young reed, in spite of the extended heatwave. The dog was dug in facing one of the main roads leading into Kalmar’s town centre and fixed into the ground using a board and a length of rebar to withstand the somewhat strong winds. The process took just under an hour (damn rocks!).

Surprisingly few people seemed to notice me working on the island, and those who did pretended not to – not that I blame them. For a week, nothing particular happened, until a man by the name of Petter Feltenstedt called the local media (Barometern and Östran newspapers, P4 Kalmar radio station). The response in the paper’s website comment fields, which were still open to unregistered users back then, was large by local standards, and completely positive. It even spread to Kotaku via hObbe’s blog.

I had told people I knew that I was behind the dog and not really tried to keep it a secret, though making it clear I was not interested in getting mass-medial attention. Still, by the 24th July the largest of the local papers had found out I was behind it and I agreed to give an interview, sporting a serial killer look in the photo they chose. By the 20th August I returned to the islet with my brother, and we removed the dog. By then the local chavs had renamed it ÅKE and drawn a swastika, regretted it and changed it into four squares; the fine line between street art and plain vandalism made perfectly clear for once.

Materials: Plywood (re-used, free), supporting boards (re-used, free), nails (re-used, free), supporting length of rebar (procured from the remnants of the failed Chinese Fanerdun project, free), orange paint (test can, 4 euros) and other paints (left-overs and donated, free). Total cost: 4 euros – worth every cent.

Just finished painting, ready to be set up Just after placing, as seen from the shore a bit to the side The fine line between street art and simple vandalism illustrated

I Fucking Love Winter

The Art category is a stretch, I’ll admit it.

PS: Final snails of 2009 will follow soon, and then this year’s starting in January.

Cleanse Your Soul!

Just an old idea carried out. Quarterscale. Beerware/Copyright.

Cleanse Your Soul

Hur tidningarna skulle kunna se ut…

Ett exempel på hur tidningarna skulle kunna se ut om samma brott utförda på olika sätt granskades likadant. En del är snott direkt från tidningar med nyckelord utbytta, en del är skrivet i samma stil som liknande artiklar skrivs i. Alla namn och platser är fejkade/ironiska. Varning för “stor” bild (över 800 kb). Beerware.

En tidning i en annan värld

Storebror ser DIG!

Idag kommer en av två saker att hända:

  1. FRA-lagen röstas igenom med följden att all elektronisk kommunikation kommer att kontrolleras av staten genom FRA
  2. Frågan kommer att dribblas bort under en tidsrymd av ett par dagar eller som mest två veckor för att politikerna ska komma på ett sätt att verka eniga men ändå lägga ner projektet utan att tappa ansiktet

Desto längre de väntar, desto större blir proteststormen. Det är kanske på tiden, men svenska folket börjar äntligen vakna. Som en fotnot till dem som nu försöker påstå att det här är helt och hållet något som Alliansen har kokat ihop och att sossar, kommunister och miljöpartister hade varit ett bättre alternativ ska kanske ta en titt på vem som först förespråkade förslaget.

I vilket fall måste förslaget dö. FRA har redan övervakat elektronisk traffik i åratal, att de nu vill få lagstöd för sin bevakning beror på att de vill kunna använda vad de samlar in som bevis i rättegångar. Det mesta har redan sagts på ett bra sätt av andra, ett länktips för er som inte har hittat dit är Jag hade sparat ett par citat för diskussioner om den amerikanska övervakningen, men hade aldrig trott att de skulle passa in i Sverige. Nu är det trots allt dags att lägga in dem, för att förmå de sanna liberalerna i riksdagen att rösta för folket som valde dem.

“Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.”
Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)

“They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

Till sist, anledningen till rubriken. Jag har just läst ut 1984, och medan jag läste den tänkte jag mig affischen med Storebrors ansikte som den gamla rekryteringspostern från Första Världskriget, med Lord Kitchener som pekar och säger “Britons wants YOU!“. Den version av Storebror som användes i affischerna i filmen 1984 tyckte jag var ytterst dålig – mustaschen saknades ju! Det finns även en version i serietidningsstil med röd bakgrund, men den har en Hitlermustasch. Det återstod bara att göra en egen, lite halvtecknad gammaldags affisch med Storebror som jag kan tänka mig honom i verkligheten. Känner du igen politikerna? Originalversionen är 4000×6000 pixlar i 300 dpi. Bilden nedan är en webversion med signatur, lägger även upp en version för utskrift på A4 i 300 dpi.

Storebror ser DIG!

Depression – Mörker – Ensamhet

Depression - Mörker - Ensamhet“Depression – Darkness – Aloneness” in English. Drawn in the car travelling in Finland at the start of my latest (last?) depression.
I drew it because I was fed up with the early “realism” poets we were forced to read in school. Fakers. They had no idea about what depression is like.

Available in much larger size.