Putting Candles On the Graves

All Hallows Eve is one of the two days when Swedes traditionally light candles on the graves of relatives, the other being Christmas. This is a Christian tradition, and a pretty nice one as you can see from the photos below. The house in the second photo is the old seafaring college, located upon a St. Erik’s Bastion from the mid-16th century.

Graveyard at All Hallows Eve I Graveyard at All Hallows Eve II

The Old Watertower (Autumn)

This summer I posted two photos of the old watertower in Kalmar. I recently took a new one, and here it is:

The Old Watertower (Autumn photo)

Photos from Kullö and Ängö

I like to take a bikeride when the weather is nice, and I usually take the camera. The latest one (6th October 2008) produced a couple of nice photos, these are the best of them taken on Kullö and Ängö (two small islands made mainland by landfills and roads over the years).

Reed at North-Western Kullö Reed at North-Western Kullö (other angle and exposure) Kullö mot Domkyrkan Västra Lindöfjärden Nyponros Ån mellan Kullö och Ängö I Ån mellan Kullö och Ängö II Ölandsbron från Ängö


A couple of tea-candle photos, might be useful for someone.

Candle I Candle II

Airport Sunset

I’ve taken an awful lot of photos the past year but my “good photos-uploaded photos ratio” (yes, that’s a new term) is far too low. Seeing how I’ve got at least another week before I start working, I might as well upload them. First out are three sunset photos I took this Tuesday at the ex-military airfield, now Kalmar Airport.

Airport Sunset I Airport Sunset II Airport Sunset III

Bumblebees of 2008

The four best shots of bumblebees from this summer.

Bumblebee I Bumblebee II Bumblebee III Bumblebee IV

The Saturday Sunset Photos (Castle Area)

The six best ones. I have had to reduce the noise in Photoshop, because my camera (Sony DSC-W7) is crap for taking photos in darkness. Seems it’s time to get a better one, as crawling and climbing around for two hours is a waste of time unless the pics come out nice. Descriptions included on each photo’s page, all are taken in central Kalmar and have been cropped and resized (after reducing the noise).

The Railway Station in Kalmar Castle of Kalmar, Sunset Silhouette 1 Castle of Kalmar, Sunset Silhouette 2 Castle of Kalmar, Sunset Silhouette 3 Castle of Kalmar and Slottsfjärden, Sunset Sunset Over Slottsfjärden

Summerdays in Kalmar

I’ve been out taking a lot of photos (about 400 in total) in the past couple of days, and here are the best ones. All are from my town, Kalmar, and have been cropped and resized.

Stadshotellet Old Watertower I Old Watertower II Swedish Summer Sunset

Familjen Gräsand / The Mallard Family

Jag gick till parken idag, eftersom vädret var strålande. Tyvärr är det ett mindre helvete att ta bilder där nu – åt det ena hållet ligger järnvägen, åt det andra ligger Kaba. Det gick ändå att ta några bilder innan batteriet tog slut, och bland annat träffade jag på årets kull av gräsandsungar.

Familjen Gräsand / The Mallard Family

De är så små, söta och inte särskilt smarta. Med andra ord är de ett bra djurmotiv, för de har ännu inte lärt sig att människor kan vara farliga, och tror fortfarande att allt man kastar i vattnet är mat. Med en kamera och lite grus kan man ta bilder som den nedan. Jag var tvungen att lägga upp den direkt! Den är något förminskad och nerklippt.


English translation:
I went to the park today, because the weather was incredible. Sadly, it’s almost impossible to take decent photos there now – in one direction there are the powerlines of the railway, in the other direction they have planted an ugly black monolith, generally referred to as Kaba for obvious reasons. Nevertheless, I could take some photos before the battery in my camera died, and the newly hatched mallards were in the usual place.

They are small, cute, but not very bright. In other words, wonderful animals to take photos of, because they have not yet learned that humans may be dangerous, and they still believe everything thrown into the water is food. With a camera and some gravel, you can take wonderful pics like the one above. I just had to upload it straight away! It’s a bit resized and cropped.

The Copenhagen Photos

Out of 326, I have chosen nine (plus the two flower shots earlier) that I like. Beerware/Copyright.

I have no idea what most of these places are, and I don’t care enough to find out. Copenhagen V shows the Grand Teatret with the round window and was included mainly because they had kickass coffee. Copenhagen VII was someones backyard I think, but it was really nice!

Copenhagen I Copenhagen II Copenhagen III Copenhagen IV Copenhagen V

Copenhagen VI Copenhagen VII Copenhagen VIII Copenhagen IX